Water coming out of a tap

We want to understand what’s important to you and to help shape our business plan for the five years from 2020–2025.

The Anglian Water region is one of the driest and fastest growing in the UK. By 2024 the population is predicted to be 3.3million, plus it’s the breadbasket of Britain, and home to many thriving businesses and industry.

The weather is changing too. Climate change means more extremes of weather - summers are getting drier, winters are getting wetter, short and sharp storms that risk flooding are more likely, as is drought. We have to balance the needs of the environment while supporting this thriving region, and do so while keeping bills low.

We’re looking long term to plan resources and infrastructure to meet the needs of this great region, so we’re inviting you to tell us what you think and whether we’re making the right choices.

Our plan

Our plan will be submitted to the water regulator, Ofwat, for approval in 2018 – but we want to make sure anything put forward is widely supported by our customers. Within it, we will make the case for investment in reducing leakage, installing smart meters, as well as investing in pipes, pumps and treatment works, and outlining our plans for protecting the environment and ensuring there is enough water to keep taps running for generations to come. 

Customer feedback in 2013 shaped the business plan that we're currently delivering, including support for the investment we wanted to make in driving down leakage to record low levels. We're also helping customers reduce the amount of water they use each day through metering and water efficiency programmes, and protecting the environment with initiatives like RiverCare, BeachCare and Keep It Clear.