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Your water supply

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Anglian Water supplies around 1.2 billion litres of high-quality drinking water every day to more than 4.2 million customers via 140 water treatment works and more than 37,000 kilometres of water mains.

The water in the west of the region comes primarily from reservoirs, which are used to store water taken from rivers. The east of the region relies mainly on natural underground reservoirs known as aquifers.

The Anglian Water region is one of the driest in the country, receiving on average only 600mm of rain a year. Because of this we: 


  • Have one of the lowest leakage rates in the world
  • Encourage customers to use water meters to pay for the water they use
  • Provide information and services to customers to help them use water wisely
  • Carry out research into the best ways to use water.

To minimise leakage from your own pipes, we encourage you to monitor your water consumption, so any leaks can be identified. The simplest way to do this is to read your meter regularly. Any unusual readings or high consumption could indicate a leak.

Water efficiency advice for facilities manager and landlords

Waterwise East is a company which aims to improve water efficiency across the East of England through working with developers, planners and other water stakeholders. Anglian Water has been working with them on developing planning guidance and a design guide for developers, facilities managers and landlords to assist in improving the water efficiency of new builds and existing properties.

Supply of water for non-domestic customers is subject to Anglian Water's general terms and conditions under section 55 and 56 of the Water Industry Act 1991.


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