Secondary school students taking part in the water supply challenge

Anglian Water offer outreach sessions to children from foundation to further education. The sessions are tailored to age and ability of the children. Sessions are run by Anglian Water's Community Education Team, made up of qualified teachers with full DSB checks. There are a range of interactive sessions available, however, we can adapt sessions to your needs. To discuss your school's requirements contact us at

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Our outreach and education centres are heavily booked for the remainder of the academic year. Please email and we will let you know if we have any availability for you.

Notice to Head Teachers and School Administrators 

Under changes introduced in April 2017, schools buy the water they use from licensed water retailers. Anglian Waters Education Service offers curriculum linked education sessions to support teachers and schools students, in the Anglian Water operating area. For on-ongoing advice and support about the school's water supply, schools should contact their retailer.