10 Steps

From April 2017, if you are a non-household customer or you're applying for a temporary building supply, at the point of connection you will need to have selected a water retailer.

For more information and for guidance on selecting a retailer go to the customers section of the Open Water website

Here's our step by step guide to getting you connected to our water network. Select a step to reveal further information.

You can apply online using the link in Step 1 below.

Apply online (you can also use this form to apply for a replacement water connection i.e. lead replacement, shared or larger supply)

Complete and submit the application form online here or if you prefer you can use our pdf forms which can be found here.

We'll be in touch within 28 days to discuss your site survey.  Your survey details the requirements for your connection including what pipe to lay, its location and if any traffic management is required. You will also receive your quote and invitation to pay.

In order to progress your connection, we need to receive payment.  Payment can be made either over the phone or by BACS or CHAPS. Please note: we must receive payment before you book inspections.

Laying your pipe

Following the guidance provided in the survey at Step 2, please ensure you lay your pipe to the highway boundary ready for us to inspect.  For more information, see anglianwater/newbuild-waterregs.  Once your pipe is laid, call 0345 60 66 087 (option 2 and then option 1) to book your external pipework inspection.

External pipework inspection (within 7 days)

We'll visit your site to inspect the external pipework.  If your property is high risk (non domestic or grey water) we need to complete some extra checks)

Once you've passed the external pipework inspection, we'll connect your pipe to the mains and fit either a yellow or red plug. Please note connection can take anywhere between 14-63 days depending on the requirements of the job e.g. if highway permissions or additional water regulations inspections are required connection may take longer.

Reinstatement (within 90 days)

Once the connection has been made we'll reinstate the area.  If a highway dig is required, we may use temporary tarmac and return at a later date to permanently reinstate the area.

Following connection, complete your property and fit internal fixtures/fittings. Once complete, call 0800 137 631 (option 1) to book your internal Water Regulations inspection.  NB: Please confirm your plot postal address at this point.

Internal Water Regulations inspection and meter fit (within 5 days)

We'll inspect the internal fixtures/fittings and once passed, fit the meter.  It is at this point you will receive your full flow of water.

We'll leave you with a copy of Anglian Water's 'Welcome to your new home' guide to pass onto the homeowner along with an internal stop tap tag.  Your property is now ready to be occupied.

Important information about: conversions; commercial supplies; chlorination; preventing contamination and barrier pipework.