Another fantastic week at Grafham Water and a climb in the rod average to a huge 6.43. 

Fish 508(season 22,225) Returns 79 (3,703) Rod average 6.43 (6.0)

Some anglers are managing close to 20 fish in a session. As the depths of winter fast approach, cooling the water temperature and reducing the amount of natural food, the fish are hunting close in to the margins, predominantly after shrimp and fry. 

Although fewer leviathans have been banked this week, than last, there have been some very good averages across the fishery; with 25% of taken fish weighing individually at more than 3lb. This week’s notable catches go to Mr Tiltnieks who caught and returned the best Brown at 4lb 13oz and two Rainbows came in at identical weights with Neil Walker and Mr Sterey both landing specimens of 3lb 12oz.

The cold winds are making boat fishing more testing, though the brave are still managing good numbers of fish from most areas of the reservoir. Brownies are coming out regularly from the Seat and Sailing Club Bay, most tempted by fry patterns, with the odd decent Rainbow turning up too. Many anglers are opting to fish the bays and off the Stones along the north shore, with shrimps being the go to method and an intermediate line with a lure for those quieter times. This time of year can see a number of fish produced while back drifting with tubes and snakes. Some very large fish have been caught like this in the past so make sure you have a Plan B for when the conditions are rough!

Bank fishing is much the same as previous weeks, though due to the winds the dam has been much quieter. The vast majority of anglers on the dam are fishing very close in, with it being worth casting horizontal to the dam wall and working the first 3 feet of water. The fish are often seen cruising the dam wall right at your feet, so sometimes standing further up the wall can be to your advantage. All the bays along the north shore are producing fish with plenty of bank to explore as well, so if you prefer to fish in solitude get your walking boots on from church walk!

Please note that all Brown trout are out of season and must be returned safely to the water and that the November line restriction on the west side of the reservoir is now in force.

The Grafham Shrimp Masters
A winter bank league to be fished across five dates with your three best results submitted. The first heat was fished on 12 November and was a great success with several bag limits. The six fish limit no catch and release matches will be fished between 9am and 3pm with prizes for the best bag on the day and of course the top three and best fish of the league. Further information can be obtained from Grafham Fishing Lodge with no booking necessary.
Forthcoming dates (all are Sundays) are as follows
10 December, 17 December 2017; 14 January, 28 January 2018.

Great winter deals. Day boat prices reduced to only £19. Half day 4 fish permits now valid all day.

Best Rainbow                                     Two at 3lb 12oz taken by Neil Walker and Mr Sterey.

Best Brown                                        4lb 13oz caught and returned by Mr Tiltnieks

Best bank areas                                  G Buoy, the bowl, south dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, the Willows, Marlow Arm,
the Stumps, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm.

Best boat areas                                    G Buoy, the bowl, south dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat,
Pig Bay, Rectory Bay, Deep Water Point, Hedge End, I Buoy.

Mid week boat winner                          Mr Swain of Dry Drayton.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing at Grafham Water

Predator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018
Lure & dead sea bait to 31 January 2018
Grafham Shrimp Masters Bank League 10 & 17 December;14 & 28 January
Grafham Fur & Feather (bank) 26 November