This week the fish of the week goes to Alan Farr, Mr Farr landed a huge brownie from the harbour arm right at the end of a very hard day’s fishing, though determination won him the prize which was easily over 5lb 8oz, a very well done to you!

Calmer conditions and warmer temperatures have seen more anglers out this week than weeks gone by. The trout are still very active and are well spread around the reservoir with bites coming steadily throughout the day. The average over the last 2 weeks is 3.65.

The amount of fish being landed close to, or over 3lb, is making the tail end of the season look quite exciting. The larger fish are mostly coming from the south shore line, though the majority certainly come from the north shore line. This week the fish of the week goes to Alan Farr, Mr Farr landed a huge brownie from the harbour arm right at the end of a very hard day’s fishing, though determination won him the prize which was easily over 5lb 8oz, a very well done to you!

The vast majority of boat anglers are predator fishing, though the odd trout boats out there are catching well, in particular fishing areas just out of reach from the bank anglers. Many are using lures still, snakes, minkies, cat whisker, cat boobies, blobs and humongous, with some having better luck whilst oar trolling or back drifting. The shrimp fishing has slowed right down, although most of the fish are being spooned full of shrimp! We suggest using floating shrimp currently for the best results.

Bank fishing is tough for those fishing shrimp currently though there are plenty of shrimp in the water, floating patterns are more likely to pick out the trout at this time of year so be certain to bring some with you! The best way to hook a few currently is to cast highly visible lures at cruising fish just under the water’s surface or find areas where the fry are visible and try floating fry patterns. There are a number of fish being landed from the Seat, Sailing Club Bay, G bank, Marlow Arm, and the bays along the north shore.

Grafham Shrimp Masters Bank League continues with matches on 14 and 28 January. A huge Rainbow was landed in one of the December matches – details to follow.

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, good luck and tight lines with fishing continuing to 31 January 2018.

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English Fly Fishing Association Winter bank match 7 December
Our thanks to David Moore, Secretary of EFFA, who sent us the following report from a match fished in very difficult conditions.

“21 members and 3 guests of EFFA braved horrendous conditions at Grafham Water for our annual bank match. It was good to see nearly everyone meet up for a big breakfast and a chat before dispersing around the windswept shoreline. The early southerly wind swung around to a challenging westerly gusting over 30mph and some big waves which ruled out the dam and many other areas. However, fish were caught near the Lodge and Seat on the South Shore and several spots along the North shore.

Fortunately I had to drive home for my forgotten wading boots and missed the heavy rain suffered by everyone else !There were several 3lb plus out of season browns returned to the water and Peter Hartley netted one well over 4lb, but half of the rods blanked on rainbows and the rod average was only 1.4. The top 5 rods catching 24 of the 38 fish, showed just how tough it was. Our President, Chris McLeod, is no stranger ('an expert') to the Grafham shore and has won this match in both 2015 and 2016, so it was no surprise that he took his 6 fish off the Stumps. However, Tony Smith made a bold decision to fish off the point opposite G-Buoy and casting directly into the raging gale for 5 hours he took 6 slightly bigger fish to win the match and prevent Chris’s hat-trick. This was an exact repeat of a 'locals' v Army bank match which Tony won a couple of weeks ago, not bad for his first season on the banks at Grafham!

The fish were the usual Grafham autumn high quality, silver, full-finned, red-fleshed and hard fighting specimens. Several were over 3lb with the best weighing 3lb 9oz for new member Matt Willatt and another new member Jamie Thomas was 3rd.

We enjoyed an excellent festive meal with all the trimmings prepared by the enthusiastic AW catering team at the Lodge and made the journey worthwhile for those who had struggled in the conditions. The downside of the day was several members with health problems and family bereavement. Our best wishes to all of them.”

The top three rods were
1st Tony Smith 6 fish for 15lb 7oz
2nd Chris McLeod 6 fish for 15lb 1oz
3rd Jamie Thomas 4 fish for 10lb 4oz