We have seen some huge Rainbow trout this week at Grafham with the biggest weighing 8lb 12oz - the heaviest of the season.

Fish 455(season 22,680) Returns 93 (3,796) Rod average 4.9 (5.97)

Despite the weather not always being ‘on side’ Grafham Water’s rod average is 4.9.

It’s been the week of the Rainbow trout! Some huge specimens are beginning to show themselves, chasing fry or hunting shrimp, so keep a keen eye out for those submarines lurking just under the surface. This week there have been plenty of 4lb plus Rainbows providing some cracking angling for all. The two best fish of the week are colossal. The first fell to Jorn N Kristensen, a 6lb fish. A huge well done to Jorn – a cracking Grafham Rainbow like this would normally be the biggest fish of the week but that honour goes to Nathan Jackson. Nathan managed a sublime Rainbow – at 8lb 12oz not just the heaviest fish of the week but the best so far this season. Truly a momentous capture and one that should never be forgotten – well done.

Boat anglers have mainly fished the coves and bays with the vast majority of fish being taken on the lure. Fish are still shrimp feeding, though a bit sporadic and confined to the more rocky areas of the reservoir. It’s still worth bringing a good mixture of line in case conditions are tough on the day. With floating, intermediates and di5’s or di7’s being a popular choice at the moment. The weather is likely to be very windy over the next week so make sure you are well prepared for the conditions. Drifting with lures is likely to be the method that helps you bag up over the coming week.

Some cracking success stories from the bank this week with lots of anglers managing 10 or more fish in relatively short sessions. Those who are exploring are definitely producing some much larger over wintered fish than those fishing the main haunts, so again, travel light and travel far! Changing between shrimp and lures throughout the day is producing the most sport, particularly if you are mobile.

Finally a big thank you to all anglers for adhering to the season and day ticket returns policy. We have seen a vast difference in the amount of returns submitted over the last couple of weeks and a near 90% reduction in the amount of out dated season ticket returns.

The Grafham Shrimp Masters
The Grafham Shrimp Masters started with a bang! 9 limits from 20 anglers along with fish up to 3lb 15oz really proved how good the winter sport is at Grafham Water. The weather was bright, windy and very cold, not great for fly fishing, though the fish don’t read the rule book and Grafham sport is extraordinary. Anglers travelled from as far afield as Yorkshire and Cheshire (one of whom took the initial lead). We look forward to seeing more local anglers at the next heat on 10 December with further heats on 17 December 2017; 14 January and 28 January 2018.

Results of the first heat for the top ten anglers

1st    J Hunter 6 fish for          17lb 2oz
2nd  G Morris 6 fish for          15lb 2oz
3rd   R Keeber 6 fish for        14lb 14oz
4th   C Abrahams 6 fish for    14lb 9oz
5th   M Willatt 6 fish for         14lb 7oz
6th   C McLeod 6 fish for      14lb 5oz
7th   P Sorensen 6 fish for      14lb 2oz
8th   P Wild 6 fish for             13lb 12oz
9th   D Moore 6 fish for         13lb 11oz
10th S Jones 5 fish for            10lb 10oz

Great winter deals. Day boat prices reduced to only £19. Half day 4 fish permits now valid all day.

Best Rainbow                    8lb 12oz taken by Nathan Jackson – the best so far this season.

Best boat areas                 G Buoy, the Bowl, South Dam,
Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, Pig Bay, Rectory Bay,
Deep Water Point, Hedge End, I Buoy

Best bank areas                G Buoy, the Bowl, South Dam,
Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, the Willows, Marlow Arm,
the Stumps, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018
Lure & dead sea bait to 31 January 2018
Grafham Shrimp Masters Bank League 10 & 17 December; 14 & 28 January
Grafham Fur & Feather (bank) 26 November