It’s been another good week at Grafham Water for both boat and bank anglers. 

Fish 326 (season 18,265) Returns 80(2,990) Rod average 4.0 (6.1)
Some of the most notable catches this week included a 4lb 7oz Brown for Mr W Mounce and a 4lb Rainbow for Mr M Hammond. There have been reports of a number of Browns being caught on both the banks and in the boats.

There is some algae around which can make areas unfishable, depending on the wind conditions. That said the fishing is good with a rod average of 4 for the week and many anglers catching their limits, or very close to it.

Boat angling this week has seen G Buoy and towards the Dam really come on. Although the fishing can be a bit up and down depending on the conditions. There have been reports of there being plenty of fry out in the water, so this is something to bear in mind when going out. Those fish that are being spooned are being found to be packed full of shrimp, so fishing on the margins would be a safe bet (where this does not clash with bank anglers). Between the Seat and Plummers has also proved a profitable spot this week, with some big fish coming out. Diawl bachs, crunchers and shrimp patterns are still proving effective, as well as fry patterns.

Where the banks are accessible they are fishing well, with the shrimp coming into the margins. Many anglers are catching quite a few off the Dam, with double figures regularly being reported.

Coming soon - A new competition – the Grafham Shrimp Masters.
A winter league to be fished from the bank across five dates with your three best results submitted. The six fish limit no catch and release match will be fished between 9am and 3pm with prizes for the best bag on the day and of course the top three and best fish of the league. Further information can be obtained from Grafham Fishing Lodge with no booking necessary.
Dates (all are Sundays) are as follows
12 November; 10 December, 17 December 2017
14 January , 28 January 2018

Competition news
GWFFA 3rd boat match Sunday 17th September 2017 at Grafham
9 GWFFA club members fished the 3rd and final boat club match of the year. Boat pair Charlie Abrahams and Mark Brinkman headed down towards the Sludge Bank drifting the area close to the bank. Charlie had 8 fish on a floating line using hoppers and netted a brown of 4lb 4oz and a 4lb rainbow. The fish were full of shrimp. Charlie also returned another 3lb plus brown. Others opted for drifting out in the lake pulling blobs and fabs. 51 fish were caught for a rod average of 5.7.
1st   Charlie Abrahams            8 fish for 21lb 6oz.
2nd  Mark Brinkman               8 fish for 16lb 15oz.
2nd  Chris Bobby                    8 fish for 16lb 15 oz.

Best Rainbow                           4lb – Mr M Hammond and Charlie Abrahams

Best Brown                              4lb 7oz taken by W Mounce.

Best boat areas                         Rainbow Point, the Dam, open water drifting particularly west side of reservoir (M Buoy),
the Seat, in front of harbour, west bank and Hill Farm.

Best bank areas                        The Seat, south shore, south dam, Pylon, Harbour Arms,
Sludge Bank, Perry Point, and Deep Water Point.

Mid week boat winner              John Leldon of Haynes, Bedfordshire.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing at Grafham Water

Predator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018
Lure fishing 1 – 30 September
Lure & dead sea bait 1 October 2017 to 31 January 2018

Beginners courses 1 (Pike),6 (Pike), 14, 29 (Pike) October
B C Hall 5 October
AMFC 7 October
Fry Feeders Match 22 October
Grafham Shrimp Masters Bank League starts 12 November
Grafham Fur & Feather (bank) 26 November