Peter Hartley wins Grafham's Festive Fur and Feather.

Fish 122 (season 22,947) Returns 28 (3,864) Rod average 4.4 (5.94)

Another windy week at Grafham has made conditions difficult for boat fishing. However, there have been a good number of anglers that have braved the cold and fished from the banks. The rod average this week is 4.4.

Boat anglers are finding much more success on the lure rather than the shrimp. Snakes and tubes are the go to method currently with minkies, floating fry and other fry patterns also suggested.

The vast majority of fish are up in the surface layers hunting, so stripping lures back fast will give you a better chance of catching your quarry. Areas where the shrimp numbers are high at the moment include off G Buoy bank, the Willows and Seat (if wind conditions allow), though make sure you cause disturbance whilst wading to lift the shrimp off the rocks, this will bring the fish much closer in.

The banks have been busy this week. The North shore has proved most rewarding, from Hill Farm right up to the Dam. The fish seem to be in pockets, so when you find them, capitalise on them before they move off again. Those that have fished the bank are still reporting that the lures are better than the shrimp, particularly floating fry and snakes.

In two recent bank matches anglers took some lovely fish with most bags containing at least one really good sized fish. Other catch reports include Ben Smith who caught a nice 4lb Rainbow. Simon Neve landed a 3lb 4oz Rainbow from the bank and Mr M Willatt who also caught a nice Rainbow weighing 3lb. Steve Battle had a lovely 4lb 12oz Brownie.

Grafham Water Fur & Feather 26 November
1st  Peter Hartley               6 fish for 15lb 8oz
2nd  Graham Willis             6 fish for 15lb 5oz
3rd  Tim Joyce                   6 fish for 15lb 2oz
4th  Mr Duffy jnr                6 fish for 14lb 9oz

Mark Brinkman took the best fish of the match at 4lb 2oz

Best Rainbow                             4lb taken by Ben Smith.

Best boat areas                           G Buoy, the Bowl, South Dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, Pig Bay, Rectory Bay, Deep Water Point, Hedge End, I Buoy.

Best bank areas                          G Buoy, the Bowl, South Dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, the Willows, Marlow Arm, the Stumps, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm.

Mid week boat winner               Mr Willatt of of Cottenham

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