39lb Pike taken by Ben Booth

Massive 39lb Grafham Pike for Ben Booth. 

Fish 159 (season 23,252) Returns 33 (3,937) Rod average 4.81(5.90)
We begin by wishing you all a happy new year and the best of luck for your coming fishing adventures! This calendar year has seen some fantastic captures of brown and rainbow trout, not forgetting the predatory fish too and with a month left of the season there is still potential to come and break records! Nathan Jackson and Steve Battle are still the current season record holders for brown and rainbow trout, with both achieving 8lb plus fish, though there are still leviathans out there to be landed, with both figures potentially beatable!

In recent days we have seen the season’s biggest Pike caught. Some of the biggest news of the year included Gary Edmunds’ colossal 37lb pike. Amazingly a bigger specimen has been landed in the last few days with Ben Booth landing the best Christmas present he could ask for – a cracking 39lb Pike. A 39lb pike is truly a fish of a lifetime and coming from a tough predator water such as Grafham makes the capture even more amazing, so on behalf of all at Grafham a massive congratulations on a wonderful fish.

On the predatory front we have been blessed with perch over the 4lb 8oz mark, plenty of double figure zander, including confirmed fish at over 14lb and whispers of much larger specimens too.

The Boats are fishing well with trout anglers performing better just out of reach of the bank anglers, particularly in areas that have more substrate. Lures are currently the go to method, though again floating shrimp are also picking up a few fish. The predators are still steady though definitely on the feed and move. If you can locate those coarse fish on your finder you are in with a much better chance for a bend in the rod.

Bank fishing has been of good quality with the vast majority fishing lures, though with the water being so clear you can spook the fish easily on the cast. Areas such as Perry Point and the Seat have been fishing the best currently with Mander car park and the Harbour Arms also worth a try. The north shore is also fishing well, though the size of fish is certainly better on the south shoreline.

A couple of weeks ago our very own Mark Mathieson, landed a huge rainbow weighing in at a fantastic 4lb 10oz whilst fishing in a heat of the Shrimp Masters bank league. Though this week Mark has been beaten to trout of the week by Martin Webster who landed a fantastic specimen of 5lb 1oz from the Grafham bank on a diawl bach. Another angler who couldn’t believe his luck was Matt Harris. Matt landed more than 20 fish in his session, topped off by a 4lb 6oz and a 4lb 10z rainbow, some top angling to achieve that at this time of year, a very well done to you and all others mentioned, ending the year with a bang!

Good luck and tight lines to all our anglers for the coming week and year.

Best Rainbow                                          5lb 1oz taken by Martin Webster.

Best boat areas                                       G Buoy, the bowl, south dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, Pig Bay, Rectory Bay, Deep Water Point, hedge End, I Buoy.

Best bank areas                                       G buoy, the Bowl, south dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, the Willows, Marlow Arm, the Stumps, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm.

Midweek boat winner                              John Moore of Perry.

Grafham Shrimp Masters Bank League
The Shrimp Masters is a winter bank league fished over 5 dates with a six fish limit and no catch and release. There are prizes for the best bag on the day and of course the top three anglers and best fish across the league. Matches are fished between 9am and 3pm. The two remaining match dates are 14 and 28 January. Further information can be obtained from Grafham Fishing Lodge (no booking necessary).

Competition news
Mark Haycock’s Shrimp Masters – thank you for the continued support for this new league, a good bit of fun for all involved and without the usual match pressure!

Results from round 3 of Grafham Shrimp Masters winter league
1st         J Hunter
2nd       F.J. Duffy
3rd        Dayood Sheik
4th        P Sorensen
Current standings after round 3

Top 12 position points so far after round 3 Grafham Shrimp Masters (remember round 2 was cancelled) and 2 more rounds remain.

2 points J Hunter
8 points Gary Morris
10 points Rob Keeber
11 points P Sorensen

Mark Haycock’s Christmas Bank Match
A bit of fun for the festive period, helping us to escape the melee of home at Christmas! Conditions became tough as the day went on though this didn’t stop the anglers giving it a good old chuck! Due to the conditions on the Wednesday this match was reorganised for the Saturday so thanks again for all that showed up. A fantastic rod average of 4.7 was achieved with the results as follows.

1st F Duffy Junior 6 fish 16lb 6oz
2nd Tim Joyce     6 fish 16lb 1oz
3rd C Abrahams  6 fish 15lb 4oz

Biggest fish goes to Mark himself, with a 3lb 10oz fish, well done Mark.