It’s been another great week of bank and boat fishing at Grafham with the rod average increasing to a fantastic 6.17.

Fish 629 (season 21,717) Returns 102 (3,624) Rod average 6.17 (5.99)

The specimen hunters have been taking fish out over the 6lb mark, though these anglers have stayed anonymous! Other anglers catching well include this week’s free boat winner John Archer. John managed a huge 22 fish on his sessions last week including a couple of Browns returned safely to the water. Mr Walker took a 4lb 10oz Rainbow and Mr Provan caught and returned a Brown of over 5lb.

Boat fishing has been much more successful this week, though certainly not easy with the swirling winds. Anglers are finding that throughout the day swapping between floating and intermediate lines, from shrimp to lure, is improving catch rates. Drifting close to the shore lines will increase success rates. However, the predator anglers fishing open water are reporting vast numbers of trout on the east side of the reservoir, particularly around ‘I’ buoy in the surface layers.

The bank fishing is currently fantastic and you would be hard pushed to find areas that are devoid of fish. Although most anglers are catching well on shrimp and GRHE’s all anglers must remember that not all of the fish are after shrimp. Other flies work well too at this time of year, particularly lures and floating fry, with the majority of big fish coming to these methods. When the wind is right the south shore will produce well, with specimens seen around the harbour and some good fish landed recently from the Seat.

Please note that the November line restriction on the west side of the reservoir is now in force.

Competition news
Grafham ranger Mark Haycock ran the final boat pairs match of the season on a cold and wet November day. Unfortunately the weather conditions lead to nearly half of the anglers pulling out at the last minute which was a great shame for such a successful boat series. The anglers who braved the elements were rewarded with some fantastic hauls of fish including the winning pair who bagged up within three hours, there were three others who also achieved bag limits.

1st Mr Beaumont & Mr Speak            37lb 10oz
2nd Mr Rose and Mr Hardy                37lb 3oz
Biggest fish fell to Mr Jenkinson and Mr Finney – Rainbow of3lb 9oz.

Well done to all that fished the match, let’s hope to see many of you fishing the Shrimp Masters which starts on Sunday 12 November.

Starts Sunday 12 November - the Grafham Shrimp Masters.
A winter league to be fished from the bank across five dates with your three best results submitted. The six fish limit no catch and release match will be fished between 9am and 3pm with prizes for the best bag on the day and of course the top three and best fish of the league. Further information can be obtained from Grafham Fishing Lodge with no booking necessary.
Dates (all are Sundays) are as follows
12 November; 10 December, 17 December 2017
14 January, 28 January 2018

Great winter deals. Day boat prices reduced to only £19. Half day 4 fish permits now valid all day.

Best Rainbow                        4lb 10oz taken by Mr Walker.

Best Brown                           Estimated at 5lb plus by Mr Provan.

Best bank areas                    G Buoy, the Bowl, south Dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, the Willows, Marlow Arm, the Stumps, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm.

Best boat areas                    G Buoy, the Bowl, south Dam, Plummers and Gaynes, the Seat, Pig Bay, Rectory Bay, Deep Water Point, Hedge End, I Buoy.

Mid week boat winner          John Archer.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing at Grafham Water

Predator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018
Lure & dead sea bait to 31 January 2018
Grafham Shrimp Masters Bank League starts 12 November
Grafham Fur & Feather (bank) 26 November