Yvonne Webb has taken Grafham's biggest Rainbow of the season so far, catching a fine specimen of 6lb 13oz off Savages.  Grafham's in great form with a rod average of 9.3.

 Fish 1,457 (season 4,692) Returns 157 (529)Rod average 9.3(7.3)

The wonderful weather and superb fishing is still continuing at Grafham. The rod average is up from 7.4 to 9.3 this week, with an amazing total of 1,457 fish caught.

This week we have seen the biggest Rainbow of the season so far with Yvonne Webb weighing in a fine specimen of 6lb 13oz caught at Savages. The best Brown of the week went to Mr D Lyall who took a lovely 5lb 11oz Brownie off the Harbour Arm. There are a number of notable catches this week. Congratulations to Steve Jones who landed 48 fish on Sunday 2nd April. Steve is having a superb season so far with consistently high numbers of fish being caught. Norman Rushton has also continued his great fishing with another bag over 20, recording 24 fish this time. Other mentions and congratulations go to Martin Brocklebank who had 20 (including 2 Brownies), D. Harwick, also 20 and finally to Chris Mully who had a superb day on the 7th catching 30 Rainbows and 8 Browns.

The bank is still a challenge but fish are being caught, however boat anglers are still producing the highest numbers of fish caught.
Brownies have been in season all this week and it is nice to see a few big ones coming out. Many have tried fishing the recently re-opened Savages and West Bank and a number have had good fortunes, especially at Savages.

Boat angling is producing the best results at the moment with a number of anglers catching in excess of 20 fish. Anywhere along the north shore is proving profitable and it is worth moving up and down to find the fish. Savages is a good spot for catching over wintered fish. Martin Webster and Matt Harris fished there on Tuesday and caught many fish 4lb and up (on Buzzers).

Although it may seem a little early in the season, Shrimp patterns are working well for catching overwintered fish. But floating lines, fished near static, with buzzers have still provided many fish this week. Anything black, black and green, or black and white patterns. Black and Red Buzzers, Blobs and intermediate lines (Di5 and Di7’s) fished with lures in the same areas are still producing fish. Other successful flies include cats whisker, humongous, damsels and boobies.

Bank angling is still more of a challenge this week. The fish have moved from the shore to roughly 150 yards out. When the wind permits, the harbour arms and Marlow Stones are showing good results.

GWFFA had their first Bank Match of the season and their valuable feedback can be seen below:
“After a very cold and bright start fish were caught quickly at various places round the lake. The Sailing Club bay and the Seat fished well early with fish coming to buzzer patterns. Steve Jones had a decent bag from this area. Once the sun got up the fish moved further out from the bank. The dam was definitely the top spot. Andy Linwood fished a single green buzzer in the bowl and took eight good fish. Martin Brocklebank also fished green buzzer on a floating line at the South end of the dam for a tidy bag. 12 anglers caught 82 fish for a rod average of 6.8.”
1st  Andy Linwood            8 fish for 17lb 1oz
2nd  Martin Brocklebank   8 fish for 16lb 2oz
3rd  Steve Jones                8 fish for 15lb 15oz

Lures are fishing best from the bank particularly in white, white and green, black and black and green colouring with fish following right up to the draw so keep those sunglasses handy. Good areas to try include the willows, the dam, plumbers, the seat, Marlow arm, deep water point and the stumps.

Thank you to all that have submitted your catch returns this week. The information is valuable to us and to other fisherman so please continue to do this and a gentle reminder to those who may forget, thank you.
This week we can also welcome another member to our Ranger team, Ross Lane.

The Bob Church Open will be taking place on Sunday the 30th April so contact the Fishing Lodge to book a place.
Good luck and tight lines for all at Grafham for the coming week.

Last Tuesday Martin Webster fished alongside Matt Harris. Martin writes “Our best fish weighed in at 4lb 3oz, along with some super fish that Matt Harris and I caught on buzzers on Tuesday. We fished in Savages and all the fish were of a similar (great!) quality, appearing to be over wintered rather than from this year's stocking. Thanks for another cracking day at Grafham!”

The Bob Church Open will be taking place on Sunday 30 April, please contact the Fishing Lodge to book a place.

Best boat areas                       6lb 13oz caught by Yvonne Webb.

Best Brown                            5lb 11oz taken by D Lyall.

Best bank areas                      Stumps, the Willows, G Buoy, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm and Pylon Point.

Best methods                          See report.

Mid week boat winner            A Bayford of St Neots.

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