5lb 8oz Brown is best fish of the week at Grafham Water for Adrian Look.

Fish 408(season 13,001) Returns 114 (2,016) Rod average 3.58 (6.44)

Some fantastic fishing is available at Grafham as the fish start to feed more readily. Shrimp, snail and fry are the more common food items and all are found in or along the side of the weedbeds. The rod average stands at a respectable 3.58.

Some top catches this week including a cracking 4lb Rainbow for Hannah Winser. However, the best Rainbow of the week was caught by Adrian Look who landed a superb 5lb specimen. Some good Browns are still showing themselves with Bill Wiltshire landing a lovely 4lb 8oz Brown. The biggest fish of the week was a colossal 5lb 8oz Brown caught by Barry Sheddon.

Boat angling continues to see anglers concentrating their fishing just off the weed beds and drifting into open water. Areas such as Hill Farm, West Bank, Pylon Point and Rectory Bay have started to fish better as the shrimp become more active. It’s worth starting over towards Rainbow Point and drifting towards M Buoy through to F Buoy, particularly on the westerly winds. Bobs, boobies, snakes and tubes are catching well, though some fish are still being tempted to buzzer and diawl back deep down. The majority of fish however, are still being taken in the first 5 feet of water with successful lines being floating, midge tips and slow glass. Dries are also being taken readily, particularly in open water you may even see the damsels being supped up in the bigger weedbeds, so bear this in mind for your next trip.

The banks are fishing much the same as the boats (make sure you bring your waders with you). Shrimp are likely to be the best flies to use over the coming weeks, along with fry imitations, though do not ignore the use of lures and dries. Snails are also worth a go at this time of year, particularly as they drift from weed bed to weed bed looking for habitat and food. The trout will take this opportunity to fill up on them so try letting your snail patterns drift on the current from one bed to the next, you may be surprised.

With the shrimp returning to the margins please remember the importance of using the wash down facilities at the end of all sessions. It’s essential that all anglers ensure that all equipment and clothing is checked, cleaned and dried.

Great news for our senior anglers
In addition to our popular 'Senior Tuesday' we are now adding a 'Senior Thursday' for the rest of the Summer season. On these days anglers over 65 can take a 2 man boat for £19 or a single man boat for £14. Our 6 fish and c&r senior permit can be purchased 7 days a week.
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Competition news
Scierra Pairs 8 July Phil Dixon
24 anglers fished this match in tough conditions to land a total of 64 fish.
1st Yvonne Webb & Ron Gent              12 fish for 28lb 10oz
2nd Martin Webster & Phil Sorensen     14 fish for 25lb 7oz
3rd Alice Davies & Enid Edwards          11 fish for 21lb 11oz.

Best Rainbow                     5lb taken by Barry Sheddon.

Best Brown                        5lb 8oz taken by Adrian Lock.

Best boat areas                  Rainbow Point, the Seat, the Dam, open water drifting (particularly west side of the reservoir), Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm.

Best bank areas                 Pylon Point, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, North Dam and the bowl.

Best methods                     See report.

Mid week boat winner         Hannah Winser of Perry.

Forthcoming events
Tuesday night boat league
in conjunction with Invicta
Runs to 15 August. 5.30 pm start – 10pm finish
Beginners courses 21,28 & 30 July; 5,11,20 & 26 August; 17,23 & 27 September and other dates throughout the season.
Rutland Water 40th Birthday celebrations 15 & 16 July
AWAI Southern Final 17 July
AWAI Midland Final 24 July
Mark Haycock’s Summer Pairs boat match 13 August
Lure anglers 1-2 September
Grafham Water Championship (by invitation) 15 & 16 September