Bob Collins 15lb 8oz Brown

Pitsford’s long standing Brown trout record has been smashed this week with a stunning fish of 15lb 8oz taken by Bob Collins. 

Fish 297(season 10,323) Returns 61(2,255) Rod average 4.9 (4.6)

Bob Collins now holds the Brown trout record with a superb specimen of 15lb 8oz. Bob is a season ticket holder who has fished Pitsford Water since the early 1970’s. Bank fishing with a size 12 Dunkeld (ironically at ‘no fish point’) Bob hooked the fish of a lifetime. Bob says the fly had just landed on the surface when it was engulfed and a mammoth struggle ensued. He thought the fish was around the 10lb mark, but once on the scales the true weight was confirmed at 15lb 8oz, witnessed by fishery ranger Simon Farmer. This truly stunning fish has flourished at Pitsford and would have been stocked at no more than 2lb. Pitsford records run in the Collins family - back in 1976 Bob’s brother John held Pitsford’s Brown record with a fish of 6lb 10oz. In Bob’s words “It’s only taken me 41 years to beat it!” In another twist of fate, Rob Layton who held the current record for a Brown caught on the fly since 2002, was actually out on the water on the day that his record was beaten.

The fishing has continued to excel with floating and midge tip lines, with teams of nymphs being the best method.The rod average for the week is 4.9 with lots of quality fish caught. Bank anglers are finding fish around the margins feeding hard on shrimp, snail, corixa and fry. Other impressive catches during the week include a 6lb Brown for Les Watson which was returned. John Pearson returned a 3lb 8oz Brown. Rob Layton took an eight fish bag with 6 of his fish being between 3-4lb.
The best areas for boat or bank are the Narrows, Pines and Cliffs.

Best Brown                                           15lb 8oz – new record - taken by Bob Collins.

Mid week boat winner                           David Nash of Kettering.

Fish stocked                                            2,000.

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