32lb 6oz Pitsford Pike

Pitsford’s predator anglers are enjoying a terrific start to the season with kayak angler Dane Wood recording a fantastic 32lb 6oz Pike whilst lure fishing. Dane wasn’t the only angler testing the scales with Sylwia landing a 25lb specimen to her net earlier in the week.

Fish 214 (season 6,101) Returns 72 (1,101)Rod average 2.9 (5.54)
As he headed out for a day’s kayak fishing with Mike Haywood at Pitsford Dane Wood had no idea of the monster Pike heading his way.

Dane writes “After photographing yet another of Mike’s fish, he decided to take pity on me and lend me a similar lure to what he was using. This is when things got interesting….
We continued to work the margins on the way, stopping and casting to “fishy” looking areas. We both stopped our PDL’s at the edge of a weed bed and cast at the same spot.
On the retrieve, I had two strikes, followed by the rod nearly leaving my hand!
“FISH ON!!!” The power of what was on the end of my line was immense, definitely the hardest fight I’ve ever had from a fresh water fish!
After what felt like an eternity of a screaming reel and a creaking rod, I finally got the fish off the bottom and caught a glimpse of the Orange lure attached to what can only be describe as a Croc! After the fish saw the Kayak, the Pike made a bolt for the underside of the kayak. Luckily, with the PDL, I was able to quickly lift the drive out with one had whilst continuing to battle the beast!
After maybe 20 minutes the fish came along side the kayak. I could see the lure had moved and was not the best hook hold, so had one chance of getting the fish in the net. In my head I was thinking “Is that actually going to fit in the net?”, or words to that effect.

"Luckily, I managed to manoeuvre the head of the Pike over the net, drop the tip of the rod to release the pressure, and the fish bolted straight in!I managed to remove the lure from the fish whilst still in the water, and in the mean time, Mike had moved to the bank and had set up the unhooking mats in preparation of weighing, photographing and releasing the Pike as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible. This is key for the safety of any fish at this time of the year.
Once on the bank, we weighed the fish using my new set of Rueben Heaton scales which I had won the previous weekend. The digital scales read 34.6lb!! What a monster! We finished taking a few photos and set about the process of recovering the fish in the net. We both agreed that today will take some beating!”

The biggest Rainbow of the week was a 6lb 8oz specimen taken by Charlie Ratchford. The trout anglers are finding that black buzzers are still working from both the bank and the boats. Bank angling is slightly more tricky in the recent warm and bright conditions. However, Mr P Wilson caught ten trout from the bank at the weekend using buzzers and crunchers with a blob on the point.

Best Rainbow                              6lb 8oz taken by Charlie Ratchford.

Best boat areas                           Stone Barn Bay, the Dam.

Best bank areas                          The Gravels.

Mid week boat winner                S Cooper.

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