Another busy, sometimes frustrating, week on the water for most anglers with fish being preoccupied with the thousands of damsel flies.

Fish 274(season 9,085) Returns 61 (1,289)Rod average 4.4 (7.0)

Jamie Blaney, this week’s mid week boat winner, took 9 fish from the bank on Saturday morning. Jamie fished dry fly patterns, mainly cdc hares ear. Boat anglers are catching on big reds, claret emergers and olive emergers.

Dry fly has been the best method. Coton End has been the best area for both bank and boat anglers.

Ravensthorpe is hosting its popular Thursday Evening Boat Club from 6-9pm

Great news for our senior anglers
In addition to our popular 'Senior Tuesday' we are now adding a 'Senior Thursday' for the rest of the Summer season. On these days anglers over 65 can take a 2 man boat for £19 or a single man boat for £14. Our 6 fish and c&r senior permit can be purchased 7 days a week.
Summer sale at our tackle shops
Up to 30% off the marked price across our Rods, reels and clothing ranges! Get in quick as the sale ends 31 August.
Enjoy the last hours of the day from the bank or a boat this Summer!
Sunset Boat £10
Sunset Permit (1 fish + c + r ) £10
Offer available from 4.30pm

Best Rainbow                              4-5lb

Best boat areas                           Coton End.

Best bank areas                          Top two platforms

Best methods                             Dries, washing line, fish in top 18 inches of water.

Mid week boat winner               Jamie Blaney of Kingsthorpe.