Rutland Water was in fantastic form at the weekend  hosting the English Fly Fishing National. Local anglers did us proud with several qualifying to represent England next year. And for good measure some big fish are showing including a 7lb 5oz Brown.

Fish 612 (season 33,270) Returns 142 (6,111) Rod average 4.3(5.44)

Rutland Water hosted the English Fly Fishing National last weekend, preceded by two practice days. The fishery excelled despite the virtually, flat, calm, bright conditions on Friday and prolonged sunny spells on Saturday. Day One’s rod average on Saturday was 3.7 with anglers finding pods of fish in the late afternoon. The conditions on Sunday for Day Two were better and with the weather more overcast anglers achieved a rod average of 5.6. Fish came in ‘fits and starts’ with a mixture of lures and nymph combinations proving successful. The majority of anglers opted for fast glass intermediate lines.

Charlie Abrahams went specimen hunting on day one and succeeded with a cracking brace of fish that included the best fish of the week – a Brown of 7lb 5oz. Both of these fish were taken on a floating fry. Charlie was 24th overall across the two days.

Top rod overall was Tom Davis, with Tom’s Dad, Ashley, from Leicester, taking eighth place. Special mention must also go to Anglian Water’s Mark Mathieson, a familiar face at Pitsford Lodge. Mark was amongst the top 28 anglers who have all qualified to represent England next year.

During the week anglers caught from the inlet off Sailing Club/Spud Bay, right the way through to the main basin. Popular tactics were mini lures and general purpose nymphs. Fry feeding fish are becoming more apparent with big fish reported being lost and sighted fairly close in to the shoreline.

Bank anglers are few and far between. Neil Stutton, of Northampton, had an afternoon permit and hooked three lovely Rainbows around the 2½ to 3lb mark.

Prospects look good and there are plenty of fish to be caught with some big fish showing. Fish are feeding on tiny buzzers, corixa, shrimp, snails and this year’s fry. Our stocking programme continues with another 500 quality Rainbows stocked recently.

At this time of year boats are very popular. We are fully booked for Saturday 9 September and have very few boats available on Sunday 10th. Please call 01780 686441 to book in advance.

Lure fishing at Rutland is only permitted for predators – Pike, Zander and Perch. No lure fishing for trout is allowed.

Best Brown                                        7lb 5oz taken by Charlie Abrahams.

Best boat areas                                  Open water.

Best bank areas                                  Normanton, Peninsula.

Best methods                                      Bank – Fry, dries, nymphs.
Boat – As for bank but a lot of fish are also being caught on
mini lures, cormorants, blobs and FAB’s. Cruncher, hares ear, nymphs.

Mid week boat winner                        P Blythe of Cramlington.

Please note that boats for Saturday 9 September are fully booked with a few available on 10 September but please check and book in advance.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing at Rutland Water – Pike, Zander and Perch only

Predator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018
Lure fishing 1 – 30 September
Lure and dead sea bait 6 October 2017 to 31 January 2018

Beginners courses 10,16 & 24 September; 8,15 (Pike), 21 & 28 October.
WaterAid 8 September
Anglian Water Rudder match 16 September
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