One of the highlights of 2017 at Rutland has been the large number of high quality Brown trout. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a number of Browns estimated between 8-10lb. The Brown trout season ended last Wednesday with a fine specimen of 6lb 9½oz caught off the bank by Mr Marsden. Browns may still be caught but must be returned safely to the water.

Fish 357 (season 43,066) Returns 104 (8,750) Rod average 3.43 (4.93)

Toff Crowther and Graham Hayward enjoyed a couple of days’ boat fishing. Toff took two 7lb Browns and Graham a Brown of 6lb plus and the pair had Rainbows to 3½lb. On their second day Graham had a 7lb Brown, with other Browns and Rainbows caught in good numbers. Graham returned to bank fish on Wednesday and took two 3lb Rainbows from the Harbour wall.

Long term season ticket holder Malcolm Janik boat fished a couple of times last week and he recorded 13 Rainbows and two Browns (safely returned). Malcolm said the Rainbows were in excellent condition with clean gills. The fish had been feeding well with 8 fish averaging 2½lb.

There are good signs that a lot of the Rainbows that are out in the middle of the water are now slowly but surely coming in to the shoreline, where hopefully they will feed on the amazing abundance of fly and the plentiful numbers of corixa.

Winter restrictions apply (so no fishing down the north or south arms). All browns caught must be returned as quickly as possible and any that can’t be returned must be handed to fishery staff.
During November the fishing lodge is open 8am to 2pm.

Great winter deals - day boat prices reduced to only £19. Half day 4 fish permits now valid all day.

Best Rainbow                           3lb 8oz taken by Graham Hayward.

Best Brown                              6lb 9½oz safely returned by Mr Marsden of Bourne.

Best boat areas                        Main basin, plenty of fish out over the deeper water. Good numbers of Rainbows coming into the shoreline feeding on fry.

Best bank areas                       Normanton, Sykes Lane, the Peninsula, Armley Wood, Carrot Creek, Barnhill Creek, Spud Bay, Yellowstone.

Best methods                           Bank – Fry patterns, nymphs, hares ear, crunchers.
Boat – As for bank plus various mini lures, gold/silver tubes still working.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing at Rutland Water – Pike, Zander and Perch only
Predator fishing on the fly to 31 January 2018
Lure and dead sea bait to 31 January 2018
Rutland Fur & Feather (bank) 3 December