Pike Fishing

35lb Pike

Fly-fishing for pike throughout the season at many of our water parks.

This could be your opportunity to catch a forty pounder! The Predator Permit is very popular and double-figure pike are regularly taken at all our trout waters and coarse fisheries. Zander are also being taken at both Grafham and Rutland Waters. If you are unsure about fly fishing for Pike why not join one of our popular courses .

Predator permits for 2017
A predator season permit is available at £260 plus normal boat fee. This is an annual rolling permit (valid for one year from date of purchase). Season ticket holders are entitled to 10% discount on fishing tackle and accessories from Anglian Water tackle shops.
A daily predator permit is also available at £20.

The predator permit allows you to fish in accordance with the rules shown below together with any individual rules.

•  The check,clean,dry policy must be adhered to before and after fishing by all anglers.
•  All anglers must hold a valid rod licence.
•  No trolling under power or fishing with the engine running..
•  All pike, perch and zander must be returned to the water alive.
•  Any trout caught must be returned to the water immediately, if a trout is badly hooked and has to be killed it must be handed to the fishery staff. (Trout are not to be actively targeted).
•  Flurocarbon traces can be used when targeting Zander and Perch.
•  When fishing for Pike a wire trace must be used.
•  Lure size
All zander and perch lures must be a minimum of 10cm.
All pike lures must be a minimum of 18cm
All deadbaits must be a minimum of 18cm.
•  A maximum of two rods per angler is permitted from the boat. Three rods may be used from the bank at Pitsford only.
• Bank fishing only 1st November – 14th February (lure and dead sea bait) Pitsford only.
• No live baiting permitted.
• Fly fishing – with fly over 10cm with wire trace from 16th May (Rutland, Grafham, Pitsford, Ravensthorpe).
• Dead sea fish baits over 18cm are permitted from 1 October – 31 January (excludes lamprey), (Rutland, Grafham, Pitsford), (Ravensthorpe to 30 November 2017 and 10-18 February 2018).
• Unhooking mats and appropriate sized nets must be used.
• All boat fishing rules apply.
• No trout and predator fishing in the same boat.

Single man boats are available at all our reservoirs.

Trout season permit holders can fish within the above rules by paying the usual boat fees.

The following predator fishing is available in 2017/2018

 Date  Boat only  Venue
11 February to 19 February 2017   Lure and dead sea bait  Ravensthorpe Reservoir
 16 May to 31 January 
 Fly fishing Subject to boat availability Rutland, Grafham and Pitsford
 16 May to 31 January
 Subject to boat availability Lure fishing  Pitsford Water
 16 May to 30 November  Fly fishing  Ravensthorpe Water
1 September to 30 September   Lure fishing  Rutland and Grafham Waters
 1 October to 30 November  Lure and dead sea bait  Ravensthorpe Reservoir
 1 October to 31 January
 Subject to boat availability Lure and dead sea bait  Grafham and Pitsford
 6 October to 31 January  Lure and dead sea bait  Rutland Water
10 February to 18 February 2018  Lure and dead sea bait  Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Date  Bank only Venue
All year Lure & dead sea bait Costessey* 
1 March to 30 September Lure Fishing Hollowell Water*
 15 May to 31 March  Lure and dead sea bait Alton Water
1 October to 28 February Lure and dead sea bait Hollowell Water*
1 November to 14 February Lure and dead sea bait Pitsford Water

*Costessey and Hollowell are season ticket only waters

Advance booking of boats is essential

Please telephone to book boat in advance.
Rutland Water 01780 686441
Grafham Water 01480 810531
Pitsford Water 01604 781350
Ravensthorpe Reservoir 01604 770875
Or email fishing@anglianwater.co.uk

Ravensthorpe Fishing Lodge

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