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Chatterton Tower facelift gets underway.

Friday, March 10, 2017

We’re repainting Chatterton Water Tower in Spalding. 

Chatterton Tower is one of nine water towers in the East Lincolnshire area, and one of hundreds across the Anglian Water region. But few are local landmarks right in the centre of town.

Chatterton keeps taps flowing by providing a steady, secure store of clean drinking water for 22,000 properties in Spalding and the surrounding rural area. It’s an essential part of the water supply network, providing both water storage and pressure for customers.


Chatterton Tower from the past

Images from a previous make over in 1997 and the official  plaque unveiled at the towers opening in 1955.

Chatterton Tower Facts

  • Built in 1955
  • The tower is made up of two L-shaped tanks that together can hold 3,400,000 litres of water
  • The tower is usually 70-90% full. The level depends on the time of the day. Demand is greatest at breakfast or bed time when more people are bathing and showering.
  • The tower delivers 60 litres of water per second to the surrounding homes and businesses.
  • The pressure coming from the tower is 3 bar – enough to send the water to the far distances of the area served.
  • Fresh water enters Chatterton Tower via an 18in pipe connected to the Bourne treatment works. By the time it reaches Chatterton the water has travelled from boreholes in Bourne, been cleaned through the treatment works there, and pumped underground to Spalding.
  • Anglian Water pays an abstraction licence to remove water from the boreholes at Bourne. It can take a maximum of 25 million litres per day there, though the norm is around 16 million litres. 
  • Anglian Water customers used to pay their bill in the downstairs rooms of the tower, but only 10 people work there now.
  • The teams who operate and maintain the tower are based right across East Lincolnshire, and are responsible for eight other towers in the area. 

Repainting the tower

Anglian Water promised to carry out the work after discussions with South Holland District Council back in 2015, and the project is now underway.

As of 20 March, scaffolding will start being erected and take six weeks to fully clad the tower.

The scaffolding is then being covered with heavy duty polythene to contain the area while Anglian Water’s contractors steam clean and repaint the surfaces.

In total, the works will take six months to complete.

The repainting will include the window frames and doors as well as the walls of the tower, and follow the same Spalding Tulip colour scheme.

Emma Staples from Anglian Water said: “We knew this project was important to the people of Spalding and we listened to what they had to say. After discussions with the council we promised to do the work as part of our annual investment programme in 2017/18. That time has now arrived. The big reveal will happen in late summer when the scaffolding starts to come down.”

The teams will be working during normal hours, 9am-5pm, to ensure minimal local disruption.

A site compound will be set-up on the ground, owned by Anglian Water. Residents living in the immediate area have been written to, and access is being maintained throughout.

Equipment deliveries to site may cause some occasional and short-lived disruption to vehicles near the tower but we will be monitoring this.

If you require any further information please contact:

  • Ian Lewis, Project Engineer, 07903 980455
  • Clive Wilkins, Standalone Projects Manager, 07903 840713



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