Show of hand as approval.

Here at Anglian Water we don’t differentiate between sustainability and the way we do business. Sustainability is how we do business. It is engraved in the business from Board level down.

Our Board of directors meet six times a year to discuss all matters concerning the operating of the business, environment and community issues.

Below this our management team, made up of operational directors from across the business, meet weekly to discuss day to day business issues.

To help support the Board and management team on planning, communications, environmental, reputational and social issues, a number of groups meet on a regular basis and oversee the strategic development and delivery of key areas of sustainability. These include a Climate Change Steering Group, Energy Steering Group, Water Quality Compliance Group and Health and Safety among others.

The Head of Sustainability is responsible for developing and delivering our sustainability strategy. This includes promoting and engaging our people and external stakeholders in new and ongoing sustainability activities and ensuring that we deliver on our goals.

The Director of each Business Unit is responsible for delivering the company’s targets. Targets, such as those relating to energy and carbon reduction, community and environmental activities are incorporated into Performance Development Reviews (PDRs) and personal development plans as appropriate.