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Our Plan 2015 to 2020

Our Plan from 2015 to 2020

Over 2012 to 2014, we invited you to Discover, Discuss and help Decide the best possible future for your local water and water recycling services.

In our biggest ever consultation, we heard from over 50,000 customers about our services and priorities for the future.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped shape our thinking and create a plan we are confident delivers the priorities you have told us are important for customers, the environment and the economy.

Over 2015 to 2020, we’ll spend almost £5 billion on running the business, protecting communities from extremes of weather including flooding and helping to underpin economic growth.

At the same time, we’ll keep bills affordable. In 2015, we will reduce average bills by £38 before inflation. And bills will stay flat (before inflation) for the four years after that to 2020.

Find out more about our plan

To find out more about how we developed our plan and what we’ll deliver have a look at our summary brochure. The journey of our plan section also gives more information how we developed our plan in consultation with our customers including copies of the documents published at every stage.

Short summary of our plan

We’d like to thank everyone who helped us look to the future. Over 50,000 of you put customer priorities at the heart of our new plan.

Our promise on the cost of living

We will keep increases in average water bills well below inflation for the next five years.

Extra help for the more vulnerable

We’ll increase to £1 million each year the help available for customers who struggle to pay. And we’ll launch a special tariff for customers in need of support.

Nearly £5 billion to spend on your priorities

Running the business, looking after essential equipment, protecting communities from drought, flooding, and a changing climate. We’ll do this while helping the economy recover, and the region grow.

£60 million war on leaks

We hate them as much as you do. We have fewer leaks than ever before, but we can do more. And we will, because we know it matters to our customers.

Water meters: you’re in control

We’ll connect 95% of homes to a meter by 2020, putting record numbers in control of how much they use, and how much they pay.

Securing the future together

We’ll spend almost £100 million to protect against things like fire, flood and drought. We don’t want anything to get in the way of a safe, clean, reliable supply of water.

Our fabulous environment

We’ve spent £2.2 billion in the last twenty years to transform the quality of water in our environment. We’ll continue to protect the countryside – it’s everyone’s big back garden.

Independent assurance on our plan

The independent Customer Engagement Forum has been working since 2011 advising us as we engaged with customers and developed our plan for 2015 to 2020 and beyond.

It’s independently chaired by Bernard Crump with members from a wide range of backgrounds to represent the interests of household and business customers, communities, the environment and the economy. Meet the members of the Customer Engagement Forum here.

This is the first time that a group like this has been set up and it has played a key role in providing independent input and challenge and sharing insights from the expertise of its diverse membership.

Throughout, the forum has been working towards a very important goal; providing assurance to Ofwat, the economic regulator that approves water company business plans, about how well we have engaged with customers and how well our plan reflects customers’ views and priorities.

Now that our plan has been agreed, the independent Customer Engagement Forum’s role will focus on holding us to account for the delivery of our plan. It will report annually on its review of our progress.

Find out more about the forum, its terms of reference, minutes of meetings and reports to Ofwat.

Delivering our plan

To monitor our progress and make sure we’re on track, we’ve set targets for where we think we should be by 2020. These have been developed using customer feedback and agreed with the independent Customer Engagement Forum and Ofwat.

We’ll report back at least once a year on how we’re doing against each of these targets. And we have agreed appropriate incentives and penalties against each with Ofwat and the independent Customer Engagement Forum.

Find out more here.


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