Fair charges, fair returns

Our monopoly status and rising living costs make it particularly important that both our charges and our profits are fair.

To meet this outcome

We must be an efficient company, quick to address challenges of affordability, make long-term prudent investment choices and embrace development of markets that benefit our customers. To keep investing for our customers, we need to raise money at competitive rates and pay a fair return to our investors.

Since privatisation, our customers have had the lowest percentage increase in average household bills of any company; our bills have increased just 10 per cent, compared to an industry average of 46 per cent. At PR14, our Business Plan for 2015—2020, our bills fell by more than twice the industry average.


Read all about our overall 2019/20 performance here, and for more details on this outcome, download the pdf below.


Performance highlights:


  • Six Green Bonds now issued, providing £876 million funding for around 850 projects
  • Nearly 197,000 customers supported by ExtraCare team
  • 83 per cent of customers receive metered bills
  • £165 million of efficiencies reinvested across AMP6
  • Committed to make bills affordable as a minimum for all households where water and sewerage bills constitute more than 5 per cent of their disposable income by 2030



Outcome Delivery Incentive

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