ODI performance payments

The table below shows that in 2019/20 we have earned outperformance payments for performance in eight ODIs: leakage, properties at risk of persistent low pressure, water quality contacts, pollution incidents, internal sewer flooding, fairness of bills perception, affordability perception and the SIM.

We have also attracted penalties for six ODIs: interruptions to supply, water infrastructure serviceability, value for money perception — water, value for money
perception — wastewater, per household consumption and bathing water quality.


The rewards and penalties stated in the table below have been inflated at year average RPI to 2019/20 prices to make them more relevant to stakeholders.

We will apply all rewards or penalties to bills in the next regulatory period, 2020—25.


ODI performance payments

* Some totals do not sum due to rounding. ** Performance against our customer perception measures (value for money — water, value for money — sewerage, fairness and affordability) depends on data in the Consumer Council for Water report Water Matters. At the time this Annual Integrated Report was approved, Water Matters for 2019/20 had not been published, and therefore these performance measures have been added subsequently. ***The incentive payment for bathing waters, and consequently also the totals, differ from those we published in July 2020 as a result of a High Court judgment made in December 2020 about the Environment Agency’s sampling practice. The impact of this judgment is that two bathing waters which were originally classed as ‘Good’ for 2019 were reclassified as ‘Excellent’.