Hundon to Great Wratting pipeline

We’re building a new 6.8km water pipeline between Hundon and Great Wratting in Suffolk.

We’re committed to providing reliable and resilient sewerage and water services to you and four million other residents in our region. That’s why we’re planning a project to install 6.8km of new water pipes.

The pipeline is just one part of an interconnected network of pipes we are constructing across the region, as set out in our Water Resources Management Plan so everyone has access to safe, clean, and plentiful water for years to come.

If you would like to know more about our Strategic Pipeline programme you can see our plans on our website here.

What’s happening now?

We started 1.5km of archaeological digs along the route in June to make sure we don’t disturb anything important when we install the new pipe. These digs are planned to be finished by December 2023.

Last summer we carried out investigative digs along the new pipeline to help us understand the ground conditions, plan our work, and find any existing underground utilities. We’ve also completed various surveys of the area including an ecology survey to make sure the work won’t have an effect on any important habitats or species.

We plan to start the main work in April 2024 and expect to be finished in December 2024.


Our traffic management

Where What When
School Road, Great Wratting Traffic lights Complete
Church Lane, Barnardiston Road closure Complete
Chimney Street, Hundon Road closure Complete
Folley Road, Hundon Road closure Complete
Hall Road/Upper North Street, Hundon Road closure Complete
Folly Road Speed reduction to 30mph 29 August 2023 – 21 June 2024
A143 Speed reduction to 30mph October until December 2023
A143 Speed reduction to 30mph April 2024 until Summer 2024


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