Glass of water being filled from a tap

The water industry is highly regulated. The quality of our customer service and the prices we are able to charge our customers are regulated by the Water Services Regulation Authority (WSRA) or Ofwat as it is more commonly known.

The Consumer Council for Water is another non-departmental public body sponsored by Defra and the Welsh Assembly Government to solely represent the interests of water consumers across England and Wales

Other Government agencies regulate different aspects of our operations. For example, the Drinking Water Inspectorate make sure that the drinking water we supply to our customers is acceptable, while the Environment Agency controls the amount of water we are allowed to take from the environment and the quality of the water that we return to it.

The water industry operates on five-yearly cycles called Asset Management Plan (AMP) periods. Prices are set by Ofwat at the beginning of each period, following submissions from each company about what it will cost to deliver their business plans.

Each year every water company sends Ofwat a detailed breakdown of its performance in a document called the June Return. This return is then used to monitor and compare companies' performances.