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Just picture what we can do together: working as one team to champion a new way of living; collaborating and engaging with customers, colleagues, business partners and communities and inspiring them to take positive steps towards our vision for a sustainable future.

And everyone can take part, turning what starts with being waterwise into action for a whole new, more sustainable way of living. Together, we can make our communities even better.

This is why the second pillar of our culture is Collaboration.

For us collaboration is about working with our customers, with leaders from across the public and private sectors, young people, and community groups, to inspire them to take positive steps towards achieving our vision of a sustainable future.
Collaborative working is already happening throughout the business, below are some examples of the success we’ve seen so far:

  • Our successful collaboration with our alliance partners has led to new ways of working, less waste, and less carbon, while allowing for more focus on better customer service.
  • We chair the Green Construction Board Infrastructure Working Group and played a key role in producing the HM Treasury Infrastructure Carbon Review, published in November 2013.
  • Our support for the long-running Water for Wildlife project helped schemes across the region, including river restoration on the Little Ouse headwater project, and the management of invasive species.
  • This year, we joined up with Thames Estuary Partnership to help protect bathing waters around Southend, bringing collaboration to the heart of our strategy to investigate poor water quality at a local level.
  • As part of our innovative catchment management approach, we are active members of the Metaldehyde Steering Group, a national collaboration between pesticide manufacturers, agriculture and the water industry.
  • Our Love to Help volunteers from across our business work together with their communities to benefit local causes, contributing to our region’s environment and communities.
  • We contributed to the development of a number of guides with the Accounting for Sustainability Leadership Network. Each guide is supported by case studies from Network members which demonstrate practical applications of the approaches and techniques set out in the guides.
  • We are an active member of the Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership Natural Capital Leaders Platform and we feature in their latest report “Doing Business with Nature”.

Celebrate our achievements and our future

We’re already achieving great results in our communities:

  • 70% of our customers are already using water meters. Many are saving money too because they're only paying for what they use.
  • Our new Bits & Bobs programme is helping thousands of customers save up to 49 litres a day. We’ve visited more than 38,000 customers’ homes fitting Bits & Bobs, and saved about 1.4 million litres a day since we started the programme in 2010.
  • We launched Drop 20 - our largest-ever water efficiency campaign, asking everyone to save 20 litres of water each, every single day – the equivalent of two buckets full.
  • We’re encouraging retailers, restaurants and consumers to stop putting fats, oils and greases (FOG) down the drain. In the towns where we’ve rolled out our Keep it Clear campaign, blockages have reduced on average by 64% (compared to the same period from the three previous years).
  • We’ve teamed up with Royal Horticultural Society to launch ‘The Potting Shed’ to encourage everyone across the region to save water in their garden. This initiative won the Landscape and Gardening category at the 2012 Water Efficiency Awards.
  • We help today’s water customers - and tomorrows - understand the reasons why we all need to think differently about water. More than 30,000 children and adults took part in our community education programme last year, beating our target by 10%.
  • Collectively volunteers across our business and in local communities have donated many hours of time to local causes contributing to our region's environment and communities. And our employees, partners and suppliers raised over £372,000 for WaterAid in 2011/12.
  • And of course, we manage and nurture some of the most beautiful and enjoyable places in the region. Think Rutland Water, Grafham water park and the sensory garden at Pitsford.


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