Hands joined together to show unity

We will be working with our contract and service partners over the next five years to deliver our investment into our assets within the region, which is one of the fastest growing in the UK.

We received a very challenging determination from the water regulator, Ofwat setting out what we charge our customers and how much we spend on maintaining our existing and new assets.

We will work closely with our partners to meet this challenge through longer-term joint arrangements to improve efficiency through the supply chain process. Find out more about our investment plan.

Investment in our water and water recycling assets during 2015 - 2020 will be carried out by one of our Delivery Routes.

In December 2012 Anglian Water launched an invitation to tender through the official journal of the European Union for our capital partners for AMP6,7 and 8 (2015-2030). The selection of these partners has now concluded with four alliances now established to deliver the outcomes embedded in our Business Plan. These alliances are:

The @one Alliance (Integrated Main Works Capital)

The Anglian Water @one Alliance is a collaborative organisation of consultants and contractors working together to deliver more than half of Anglian Water’s capital investment programme. The @one Alliance will design and build around 800 schemes worth approximately £1.2billion between April 2015 and March 2020, known as AMP6 – the current five year investment period, working closely with Anglian Water operations teams and other key stakeholders. We design and construct water and water recycling (waste water) treatment centres that serve more than six million people in the East of England (and Hartlepool Water) and maintain and improve the water mains and the sewerage network in the region. This alliance is made up from Anglian Water Asset Delivery, Balfour Beatty, Barhale, MMB, SWECO, Skanska and Stantec.

Integrated Operational Solutions

The Integrated Operational Solutions (IOS) delivery route was created by Anglian Water at the start of AMP6 (2015) with an intended 15 year duration. Morrison Utility Services, Barhale and Kier joined forces with Anglian Water to deliver small to medium value and complexity TOTEX solutions for water water and clean water assets, typically totally £50-60m per year. Working across the entire Anglian Water Region they deliver the majority of smaller replacement and refurbishment projects on above ground mechanical and electrical assets, including associated civils and building works. They also refurbish and replace key infrastructure including pipelines and buildings. With the skills to not only replace assets where necessary, but also optimise existing assets and systems, recommend enhanced care to extend asset life and refurbish assets to restore performance. IOS are committed to delivering maximum efficiency and satisfaction for customers and are aligned to Anglian Water’s strategic goals.

Integrated Metering and Developer Services

The integrated Metering and Develop Services (IMDS) delivery vehicle has been established to deliver a domestic and non-domestic metering programme, including the installation of new and the replacement of old meters and manage three smart meter trials. They also carry out customer water efficiency audits and are responsible for the laying of new or diversion water mains and water connections to new or existing housing developments.

Integrated Maintenance and Repair

There are three key partners on the Integrated Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Water alliance contract, Anglian Water, Clancy Docwra and Kier. IMR Water completes the water firm's infrastructure maintenance work. The Alliance is responsible for water network pressure management, finding and fixing leaks, lead replacement and repairing burst water mains.

Water Recycling
Integrated Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Water Recycling is made up from Anglian Water, Kier, Clancy Docwra, Claret Civil Engineering, Danaher & Walsh and Public Sewer Services and manages the contract for proactive and emergency sewer repairs. They also have packages of work for sewer and rising main repairs, manhole and chamber refurbishment and replacement, interceptor removal flooding mitigation and dealing with both public and transferred assets.