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Our journey of Our Plan for 2020-2025

January 2017 - September 2017

This was primarily about resetting the conversation with customers and developing new strategic engagement channels.

We carried out customer segmentation based on attitudes, held several focus groups to help us understand our customers’ worlds, and took a co-creation approach to help develop how to engage with customers on difficult topics such as resilience. We also set up an online community with 500 customers, and created a new role of community ambassador within the business, enabling colleagues across our region to get more involved in strategic community engagement. This stage included the consultation on our revised Strategic Direction Statement.

September 2017 – October 2017 

We carried out a strategy review, to identify gaps, and refine the engagement plan up to business plan lock down in June 2018. We identified the key investment areas that were emerging from our business plan development, the level of insight we already had for those investment areas, and the additional customer engagement that was required. We also held a focus group with customers to gain insights on how best to engage with them about business plans.

October 2017 to June 2018

This phase included the consultation on the outline business plan from March 2018. We continued to develop and use our new channels, to ask specific questions on topics relevant to our business, for example on pollution, hardness, flooding, green water and cyber security. This phase also included the consultation on our draft Water Resources Management Plan.

June 2018 to September 2018

This phase saw the consolidation of feed back on our outline business plan and the preparation of our business plan's submission to Ofwat at the beginning of September 2018.

January 2019

Ofwat will publish the Interim Assessment of Business Plans. Companies who are assessed as slow track or significant scrutiny have the opportunity to amend and re-submit their business plan in April 2019.

April 2019

Ofwat publish early draft determinations for companies who have been assessed as exceptional and fast-track plans

July 2019

Ofwat publishes draft determination for slow track and significant scrutiny companies

December 2019

Ofwat publishes final determinations


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