Glasses of water

Our services are at the heart of every single family and community in our region. We clean water to the highest standard, deliver it to millions of homes, and carefully manage it to ensure it never runs out.

Safe, world-class drinking water

We borrow water from the environment, store it and treat it to world-class standards to supply safe drinking water to 4.3 million customers in towns and villages from Grimsby in the north east of our region to Milton Keynes at its south-western tip.

Great stuff in, Great stuff out

Our drinking water is amongst the best on the planet. In the last five years we’ve invested £100 million in drinking water quality, hitting some of the most stringent targets in the world. We focus on quality across our operations, and are the only company in our industry to achieve ISO standards for excellence in quality, environment and health and safety.

Keep it clean

About a billion litres of  used water are flushed and poured into our sewers each day. 76,355 Km of pipes deliver it to over one thousand water recycling works where – with the help of a few billion friendly bacteria and micro-organisms – we clean it up before it’s passed back to nature. Our rivers are cleaner than they’ve been for decades.

We treat and make safe the organic solids – sludge – which is in demand from farmers for use as a soil conditioner called Nutri-Bio. In 2009/10 we completed two new advanced anaerobic sludge digestion plants at Great Billing in Northampton and Whitlingham in Norfolk.

Sparkling water and green open spaces

There’s a growing role for us too in the wider well-being of the region, with millions of visitors annually enjoying the open spaces, exhilarating outdoor pursuits and flourishing wildlife habitats our water parks and reservoirs have to offer.

Protecting biodiversity

We also play a leading and vital part in protecting the biodiversity of our region’s distinctive environment, with a special responsibility for the health not only of people, but of the environment where we all live and work. Find out more.