Independent Non-Executive Directors

Paul Whittaker

Member of the Audit Committee

Member of the Nomination Committee

Chairman of the Remuneration Committeee

Paul Whittaker was appointed to the Board in October 2013 and became Chairman of the Remuneration Committee in January 2015. This role is one of a small number of advisory and consultancy activities he undertakes for infrastructure companies.

Paul Whittaker became Director, UK Regulation at National Grid plc in April 2006. In this role he led UK regulatory strategy and price control activities, supported individual UK businesses in their day-to-day regulatory discussions and sat on the Boards of the two main UK operating subsidiaries – National Grid Electricity Transmission plc and National Grid Gas plc. Immediately prior to that he was Group Head of Strategy.

His career had started in British Gas in 1981 and included the privatisation and subsequent liberalisation of the UK gas industry as well as periods working in the USA, Egypt and Ireland. He joined National Grid when it merged with Lattice in 2002.