Daniel's story

I look after my wife who has mental health difficulties


Daniel has been a carer for the last 35 years, first caring for his mum as a young carer and he now cares for his wife Nicki, who has fibromyalgia, chronic pain and mental health difficulties.  

Through Carers First Daniel received a Carer's Assessment. Daniel said,  “Having a person that wasn't personally involved in my situation helped me to understand how my caring role affected my physical and mental health. I was able to join a support group along with other carers and found out that I wasn't alone in the difficulties that I faced. I was able to talk about my concerns and learn new things including what Anglia Water’s Priority Services Register was and how I could join”.  

Daniel heard about the Anglian Water Priority Services Register when a speaker from Anglian Water gave a talk at a Carers First wellbeing group. The speaker explained how the service can give lots of different types of practical support carers and the person they care for. From help reading the meter, to supplying you with bottled water if your water supply is cut off.  

Daniel registered with the service and although he didn’t require it at the time of registering, it was invaluable when they needed a smart meter installing. Daniel was working and could not be at home at the time when they would be installing the meter.  Anglian Water was very helpful; I was worried due to Nicki’s mobility difficulties that they would leave before she could get to the door. Anglian Water staff ensured they gave my wife time to answer the door and created passwords that only Anglian Water staff attending knew, this meant Nicki did not have to worry about who she was letting into the house. It was great because I did not have to rearrange the visit or take time off work.  

Daniel said the Anglian Water Priority Services Register is a weight off his mind and would recommend other carers sign up for the service, it does not cost anything, and the staff are really helpful. “They understand my wife’s difficulties, so we do not have to explain the situation every time we call, and they ensured we were on the correct tariff.”  


Find about more about how we support carers and how our Priority Services Register could support you here.


Daniel's Priority Services Register experience