The Lego Challenge is a creative way to learn about the challenges of engineering. It requires team to work together and problem solve. 

Students are split into groups and construct a section of the build, they then come together to complete the overall structure. Can they follow detailed instructions? Can they work as a team?
Students will:

  • Develop and raise awareness of Anglian Water and the Alliance businesses
  • Raise awareness of engineering challenges
  • Develop teamwork, communication and problem solving skills
  • Understand the need for specialism to improve construction

This activity is aimed at Key Stage 3 to adult and covers many areas of the curriculum particularly science, geography, and PSHE. The challenge fits with many off timetable and skills days.
Sessions are run by Anglian Water's team of qualified teachers, free of charge. School staff are required to stay throughout the duration of activity and are responsible for the behaviour of the students. The activity requires a minimum of 1 hour.