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Introduction to teachers

Welcome to Anglian Water's education resource pack. The aim of the pack is to provide an introduction to Anglian Water and our role in the water cycle in a fun and interactive way.

This teacher section details key enquiry questions covered in each fact file, learning objectives and possible key stage 2 National Curriculum links.

Anglian Water also offer outreach sessions to key stage 2 linked to the National Curriculum. Sessions are run by Anglian Water's Community Education Team, made up of qualified teachers with full DSB checks. To discuss your school's requirements contact us at



Fact file 1 - An introduction to Anglian Water

Our services and responsibilities

Fact file 2 - The water cycle

In this section we talk about the water cycle, what it is and how it works.

Fact file 3 - Drinking water treatment

How and why we treat water.

Fact file 4 - Making water safe to drink

Exploring why it's important to make our water safe to drink and who monitors what we do. 

Fact file 5 - Using water at home.

Water's not just for drinking, looking at lots of different ways we use water.

Fact file 6 - Are you waterwise?

Ways in which you can be waterwise - in other words using water wisely.

Fact file 7 - Water for health.

Why our bodies need water and making sure you are drinking enough.

Fact file 8 - Cleaning used water.

Where all the used water goes and how we treat it.

Fact file 9 - Are you sewerwise?

How does Anglian Water's sewer system help keep our customers safe from harmful germs and protect the environment?

Fact file 10 - Protecting our natural environment

Cleaner water than ever before - here we explain how. Looking at the properties of different substances and how they are removed from water.

Fact file 11 - Water and sanitation in the developing world.

Do we know how lucky we are? In some countries, it is still not easy to get water and many people don't have proper toilets.

Fact file 12 - Floods and droughts

Different areas of the UK receive varying levels of rain during the year. Some places have too much rain, whilst others not enough.


Terms/words used with a description of their meaning.


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