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School Water Audit

Front cover of school water audit pack

This free water audit pack can help teachers and students (both primary and secondary), reduce water use in the school. The resource is particularly useful for those working on the Eco Schools water topic. As an Eco school water partner this resource can support schools to achieving your Green Flag. The Audit will support forming your school action plan, collecting data on your schools water use and involving your community.

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What's in the pack?

  1. Review
    • Find out why water saving is so important and instructions on how to find out your school's average water use
    • Carry out a water audit of your school and students' attitudes to find out what are the biggest water wastages
  2. Action Plan
    • Support on writing an action plan: addressing your individual needs and setting targets for your school
    • Information and tips on how you can make all areas 'Waterwise' and become more sustainable
  3. Involve
    • Tips on how to get the whole school involved. Making students and staff aware of how they use water can help reduce the amount used in school.
  4. Review
    • Have you met your targets? Share you case study and tips with us

How can I get a copy of the pack?

You can download this here 



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