group visits to the Education Centre at Rutland

One of Anglian Water's five Education Centres is based at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre in the village of Egleton at the western end of Rutland Water.

We make use of both the reservoir and the nature reserve in our education programmes, which are designed around water and the environment and offer a real opportunity for pupils to discover the wonders of the natural environment.


Through active learning and practical investigation students are encouraged to:

  • respect the environment
  • become involved in natural history
  • and understand why maintenance of the natural world is important to us humans.

We also provide hands-on experience of:

  • observing animals and plants in their own particular habitat,
  • how they are adapted to their environment
  • and learn about food webs.

Activities include birdwatching, pond-dipping and water cleaning.

All of our education programmes are delivered free of charge for visiting schools, colleges and universities.

All sessions are fully risk assessed and regularly reviewed to ensure they maintain excellent standards in safety and content.

For further information please download our information leaflet or contact the Rutland Education Team.