How we work together

Anglian Water's Richard Boucher with Children with Malawi

In our area, WaterAid is supported by a Regional WaterAid Committee. It comprises Anglian Water employees who give up their free time through our Love To Help volunteering scheme and a representative from WaterAid itself.

The Committee is led by our Group Strategy and Risk Director, Richard Boucher, and our Regional WaterAid Representative, Diana Freeman.
We raise money by:

  • organising corporate fundraising events supported by our partners and suppliers
  • organising smaller fundraising events for staff, families and friends. These include quizzes, cake bakes, raffles and sponsored activities etc.
  • running a monthly lottery for employees to contribute to
  • encouraging employee donations through Payroll Giving
  • supporting WaterAid’s national and local fundraising efforts.

In 2017-18, our Regional WaterAid Committee raised over £900,000 for WaterAid.

Global support

We have links with two countries WaterAid works in – Liberia and Nepal.


Although Liberia emerged from a long and violent civil war in 2003, the country is still being rebuilt and many live in poverty. However, there is a strong political will to bring safe water and basic toilets to millions and our Committee has donated £500,000 to Liberian projects.

You can read more about WaterAid's work in Liberia.


This landlocked country has a diverse landscape, from low lying terrains to Mount Everest. Many rural communities live far from water sources, while in urban areas the growing population, caused in part by the decade-long conflict in the country, puts increasing strain on limited water and sanitation supplies.

Since 2014, we’ve developed a unique partnership with WaterAid Nepal and the Nepal Water Supply Corporation, helping to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene the norm, in addition to providing financial support. A key focus of this programme is the Beacon Project in Lahan, a medium-sized town in Siraha, South-Eastern Nepal.

In March 2018, we and our Alliance partners visited Lahan, spending time with the communities who will benefit from this partnership and meeting partners who are on this journey with us. Our project team has already made great progress, laying the foundations for change in this area.

By working together with WaterAid, our Alliance partners, local communities and the Nepalese government we can influence water and sanitation policy in Nepal, making lasting change. Around the world every day the water crisis continues to cost lives, denying people their human rights and locking them in poverty.

The Beacon Project

This project started in 2016, is crucial in helping Nepal achieve its Sustainable Development Goal on clean water and sanitation for all by 2030. If governments don’t take urgent action now, many countries like Nepal will miss their targets and more lives will be lost.


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