Volunteer giving keep it clear advice in Peterborough

We can improve people’s lives by working responsibly with communities in our region, managing our land for wildlife and recreation and creating jobs and caring for our employees and their families.

We can also help build a sustainable future by making sure the next generation has a real personal belief in the value of that most precious natural resource, water. Our engagement programme aims to fulfil our commitments to the communities in our region.

We engage with our communities in the following ways:

  1. Providing a stimulating and hands-on experience of our industry, linked to the National Curriculum, through our education programme delivered at our dedicated centres or through school visits. 
  2. Raising community awareness of the value of water and encouraging everyone to do their bit
  3. Promoting Drop 20 and Keep it Clear campaigns
  4. Supporting local communities through our employee volunteering scheme - Love to Help 
  5. Recognising the needs of customer in vulnerable circumstances through the WaterCare priority register, offering assistance with payment of bills through our various tariffs
  6. Raising awareness of personal security with our Bogus Caller programme. 
  7. Ensuring, where possible, our operations are undertaken with the minimum of disruption to the communities in which we are working
  8. Working in partnership with regional and national bodies to add to the sustainability of the local environment, for example RiverCare.

To find out more about sustainability at Anglian Water click here.