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Water efficiency incentive

The water efficiency incentive aims to help reduce water use in new homes across our region.

Where houses are built to a water efficiency standard of 100 litres per person per day (10 litres below the technical – optional standard), the fixed element of the zonal charge will be refunded.

That has a potential saving of up to £740 per plot*.



There are a number of ways to reduce potable water use in new homes, including installing water efficient fixtures and fittings as well as green water (water reuse) systems.

You can check the estimated water use through the online water calculator.

The final output from the water calculator will also be required as part of the application process.

*If you are in part of our area where another company provides your water or sewerage services, the refund will not be applicable to that company’s charges for network reinforcement.

Step 1 - Apply and pay

Use the water calculator to show the water efficiency standard will be met.  Apply online

Step 2 - Installation

Install your water efficiency and reuse measures making sure they are Water Regulations compliant.

Step 3 - Inspection

We’ll visit your site to inspect the water efficiency measures.

Step 4 - Charges reimbursed

The fixed element of the zonal charge will be reimbursed after the water efficiency measures have been installed and inspected.


For more information take a look at our Developer Charging Arrangements.