Sewer emission boundary

We're in a growing region.

More people, means more new homes, schools and businesses, which we have a legal duty to provide with water and sewerage services.

This duty means we need room to grow and space to expand our water recycling centres and pumping stations. This will provide the growing population with services that are vital to our health and well-being.

In order to give our water recycling centres room to grow and enable us to operate efficiently in future, we need to maintain a suitable distance between them and the communities they serve.

What we do

We use a risk assessment process to consider any planning application within 400 metres of a water recycling centre or within 15 metres of a used water pumping station. We may decide to increase the size of this ‘consultation zone’ if the water recycling centre serves a population greater than 50,000 people. While the results of the assessment will not decide the outcome of a planning application, it will inform potential developers and provide planning officers and elected councillors with evidence-based findings to help inform their planning decisions.