Pipe laying on a development site

At Anglian Water, we work hard to enable development and support growth within our region. We know that a key part of this is enabling extensions to essential infrastructure.

As well as supporting vital development, we also need to protect the assets that we use to deliver essential water and sewerage services to our customers. We also need to make sure that we can access our assets to carry out maintenance activities.

In our Access Statement we present the practical information necessary for infrastructure providers whose work requires them to cross or work near our assets. Our purpose is to ensure a clear, predictable and easily understood process for interactions between ourselves and other infrastructure providers.

The Access Statement provides information about:

  • A point of contact to cross or work near our assets
  • Arrangements for accessing information about our assets
  • The process that will be followed to agree arrangements to cross or work near our assets
  • The fees and charges that may need to be paid
  • How you will be kept informed
  • How any disputes will be resolved.