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Connect to the public sewer

sewer outfall

Connect your new or existing property to our public sewers.  
We will vet and assess your sewer connection application, however it is your responsibility to employ a contractor to complete the works.  

We will then inspect the works to see if they meet the necessary standards.  See our sewerage contractors page for more information or to find a sewerage contractor in your area.

Please be aware that as of 1st April 2017, if you are a non-household customer or applying for a temporary building supply, at the point of connection you will need to have selected a water retailer. 

To read more and for guidance on selecting a retailer go to


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To apply for a connection to the public sewer/adoption of a public lateral drain, please log in to our portal InFlow

Apply here

You will find our handy user guide for drainage services here

You can also access InFlow by copying this link and pasting into your browser:

If you experience any technical problems with InFlow, or you require more information, please get in touch by email: or call us on 0345 60 66 087, option 3.

How can I connect to the public sewer?

There are different ways of connecting to the public sewer depending on the circumstances of your development.  You may want:

  1. A direct sewer connection if you want to connect directly to the public sewer.
  2. An indirect sewer connection if you want to connect to an existing private drain that will then discharge into a public sewer. 
  3. A foul water sewer connection to take water from sinks, toilets, baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers and other similar domestic appliances.
  4. A surface water connection to take rainwater that runs off hard areas such as roofs, footpaths, driveways and highways.
See our guide on applying for a sewer connection for further information.
See our Terms and conditions for connecting to the public sewer

What is a lateral drain?

  • A lateral drain is a section of drain from the property boundary to the point of connection with the public sewer. 

Apply for the adoption of a lateral drain

Please see our lateral drain guidance notes and complete sections 1, 2, 4f and 7 of our 'sewer connection application form' to apply. 

Developer Impact Assessments and Pre-Planning reports 

These reports are provided by us to help developers with progression through the planning process.  These may contain indicative drainage strategies and costs, but these are only provided to demonstrate that a suitable solution exists for planning purposes. The solutions are not based on a detailed design and may not be the solution that is ultimately delivery by us, should a Section 98 sewer requisition be progressed.

If you need us to deliver a sewer or mitigation works under Section 98, please make contact with your Growth Liaison Manager (GLM) as early as possible to start the Section 98 process.  Failure to commence the Section 98 process could lead to a delay with the processing of your Section 104/106 application.

If during the design process you establish the need to deviate from the stipulated drainage strategy, please discuss and agree the amended strategy with our Planning Liaison Team before submitting your Section 104/106 application.

Need help with your application or want further information?


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