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New water connections

If you are building a new property or your property does not have an existing water supply, we can install a new one for you.


In built up areas, there is usually a water main in the road or footpath. It is likely we’ll be able to connect your property to the nearest one.

In rural areas, the water main may be some distance away from your property. This means a longer service pipe would need to be laid to connect into the water main.

Here are the 10 steps you will need to follow to get your domestic water supply connected:



Purple = Your responsibility                Green = Our responsibility



Step 1 - Apply

Apply for a new water connection through our online portal InFlow, you will need to register and login and then complete the 'New water connection(s) including TBS' application form.

Apply online via InFlow


Step 2 - Survey and invitation to pay

We conduct a survey from our office meaning you don't have to be there.  We'll issue your quotation (within 28 calendar days).

Survey and invitation to pay


Step 3 - Make a payment

You make payment.

How to pay


Step 4 - Lay your pipe

You lay your external pipework.

Laying your pipe


Step 5 - External pipework inspection

We'll visit your site to inspect the external pipework (within 5 working days).

External pipework inspection


Step 6 - Connect your pipework

Once your inspection has passed, we'll make the connection (this is usually within 10 working days but can be up to 3 months if a road closure is needed).

Connecting your pipework


Step 7 - Reinstatement

We'll reinstate the area.



Step 8 - Internal fixtures/fittings completed

You complete your internal fixtures and fittings.

Call us to arrange your inspection


Step 9 - Internal Water Regulations inspection and meter fit

We'll visit you to inspect the fixtures and fittings and fit a meter (within 5 working days).

Internal Water Regulations inspection


Step 10 - Complete

Your connection is complete.

Essential requirements

Please check this important information about conversions; commercial supplies; chlorination; preventing contamination and barrier pipework.

Not sure what water supply you need?

Please give our water connections team a call on 0345 60 66 087, option 2, option 1.

Further information