Application forms

Our preferred way for you to apply for a new or replacement water connection is through our online portal InFlow. But don't worry if you are having problems and can't create an account, instead please download and complete the relevant application form below.


Please complete the 'New Water Connections' application form if you require:

  • a new water supply to a previously unsupplied dwelling (including commercial),
  • a temporary supply for building purposes
  • field supply ie for a water trough
  • additional connections as part of a conversion.


Please compete the 'Replacement Connections' application form if:

  • your existing connection is made out of lead
  • you need to upsize or relocate the water supply for your property
  • the existing water supply in your property is old and affecting water quality or pressure
  • the existing property is demolished for a new property or properties to be developed
  • the existing property is on a common shared supply
  • the existing property is divided into flats or multiple properties.

If you need any help completing your application you can contact our water connections team by:

Phone: 0345 60 66 087


Our offices are open Monday to Friday 08:00 to 17:00.


Further information