Working together

Protecting our water resources is a top priority for us and you; we’re all keen to work together to prevent pollution in our rivers and groundwater sources at catchment level – ie where we collect it at source.

It’s also a legal requirement of the EU’s Water Framework Directive and in response, all English water companies have set up multi-sector partnerships around their main river catchment areas. Known as the catchment-based approach, it puts local communities at the heart of protecting and managing their local environments. 


The EU Directive outlines what standards our water should reach and categorises it as high, good, moderate, poor or bad. Less than seven per cent of our region’s rivers are considered good. Over half fail due to being heavily modified, one sixth because of their low flow and one third following a lack of nutrient enrichment.


In order to improve these figures, we co-host and run the CamEO catchment partnership with the Rivers Trust and support 14 others in areas covering the rivers: Idle, Torne, Trent, Ancholme, Louth Canal, Great Eau, Witham, Welland, Nene, Great Ouse, Nar, Wensum, Waveney, Deben, Gipping, Colne and Blackwater.


CamEO catchment partnership


We work:


  • strategically on water-sensitive farming projects, business investment, collaborative research and data analysis between scientists and local area users, community engagement, river restoration and non-native invasive species control
  • locally supporting groups working with communities and  volunteers, delivering smaller-scale projects and/or tackling specific issues.

Over 50 organisations contribute to the planning, development, event organisation and sourcing of funds for project delivery and our six priority areas for CamEO are:


  1. community action
  2. healthy rivers and groundwater
  3. farming and land use
  4. invasive non-native species
  5. water resources
  6. maximising partnership resources.


Our annual action plan outlines our activities and is refreshed at the end of March every year. For more information, download it at