Are your pipes connected correctly? ​

A misconnection is when your property drains are connected to the wrong sewer.  When this happens, you could accidentally cause pollution to the local environment and cause problems for the regions bathing waters.

Toilets, dishwashers and washing machines are sometimes plumbed into a surface water sewer, instead of the used water sewer. The dirty water then gets released directly into our rivers, streams and bathing waters and can be damaging for wildlife, instead of being treated at one of our water recycling plants.


Find out more about our pollution prevention strategy here.

Most properties have two separate sewers: ​

The surface water sewer takes rainwater from the roof and groundwater run-off to a local river, stream or soak away. ​

The used water sewer takes wastewater from toilets, bathrooms and kitchens to the sewage works for treatment. ​

There are several ways to identify and confirm possible misconnections, including testing samples for bacteria, dye testing and CCTV. We also work with other water companies to share techniques for identifying misconnections and try new ways of working.​

If you want to know if you’re connected to the right sewer, visit Connectright. And if you spot anything unusual, it could be due to a misconnection, so get in touch. Use an Approved Plumber for any home improvements.