We are always working with communities, taking care of our rivers and identifying possible pollution incidents as quickly as possible and together we can keep them clean and healthy. Very occasionally, wastewater from drains and sewers, can end up in rivers, streams and other watercourses and if this happens, we need it reported to us.


Anglian Water field technicians carry equipment in their vans to take immediate action. But reaction time is always the most important factor in avoiding any impact to the environment. If you think you have seen a pollution, please report it here.

If you are unsure what Pollutions to report on, we have listed the different types of pollutions and what to look out for.



Once reported, we can then fix any problems causing pollutions and report them to the Environment Agency. 


We then investigate how to prevent pollutions happening in future.


Preventing pollutions


80% of blockages are avoidable and we clear roughly 40,000 in the region a year, around one blockage every 15 minutes. 


We can avoid blockages by only flushing the 3P’s (Poo, Pee and toilet Paper) and bin any fats oils and grease we can help avoid sewage getting into watercourses.  This will stop pollutions entering the environment and also help reduce flooding in communities. 


We have partnered with Keep Britain Tidy since 2001 to empower communities to look after their local coastline and waterways by tackling litter, removing invasive species and restoring rivers. Forty-nine established RiverCare and BeachCare volunteer groups look after stretches of river and beach across our region.


Our volunteers spend over 21,000 hours, collecting more than 50 tonnes of litter from our beaches and rivers each year.


If you’re part of a local community group and would like to be involved or set up a group to help keep your local river and watercourse clean and healthy, please take a look at our River Care and Beach Care programmes page.