Pollution Watch sign

Our Pollution Watch campaign has been launched to raise awareness of sewage pollution, the reasons it can occur and the impacts it can have on the environment.

In particular, we want to make people aware of what to do if they spot sewage pollution by promoting our Pollution Hotline number 03457 145 145.

A key part of the campaign is to work with local councils, to develop community knowledge of the local sewerage network, the factors affecting it and how to spot signs of sewage pollution.
We’re working hard to prevent pollution by continually maintaining and improving our asset base and enhancing our understanding of its performance and we would really like your help to look after our rivers and waterways too.

By understanding what to look for and calling our Pollution Hotline on 03457 145 145 to inform us about potential sewage pollution issues, you're helping us to provide a fast response and giving us the best opportunity to minimise any impact it may have on the environment.