Anglian Water operates a massive network of 76,335 km sewers and 1,119 treatment works – and very occasionally sewage escape from this system causing a pollution incident.

Escapes are commonly caused by the build-up of fats, oils and greases, sanitary waste and wipes which cause blockages and hinder the flow of sewage through the network, or by mechanical or electrical failures of equipment.

Our pollution incidents have averaged more than 400 in recent years, and we’re working hard to reduce this number. Ofwat has set us a target of 298 by 2018.
Love Every Drop is our strategy to put water at the heart of a whole new way of living and this includes a business goal of No Pollutions.

We’re investing millions in pollution prevention through continually maintaining and improving our asset base and enhancing our understanding of its performance. This involves:

  • £5.5 million of network maintenance
  • analysis to predict potential sewer blockages
  • enhanced maintenance at pumping stations
  • analysis to identify changes in pumping station performance
  • optimising our network and making it Smart
  • involving organisations who can assist us
  • informing the public of how they can help
  • increasing the number of staff on pollution control
  • increasing and enhancing the remote monitoring of sewer overflows
  • working with river-users who can help report problems to us quickly