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Why Drop 20?

Tap with words - know just how precious it is

At just 600 millimetres a year, our average annual rainfall is a third less than the rest of England, in fact some areas have a lower annual rainfall than Jerusalem.

Demand for water is growing too. Our population is growing, with the number of new homes in our region forecast to reach one million by 2035. So it’s vital that everybody understands just how precious water is and does their bit to use only what they really need.

Save water, energy and money

Around 25% of your energy bill is heating the water you use for showers, washing clothes and dishes, so whether you're metered or not you can save money. Why not try spending one or two minutes less in the shower?

Watch your water footprint

Where there’s water, there’s carbon – and quite a bit of it.  Every bath, flush or glug has CO2 built into it, thanks to all the processes it takes to get it to the tap. So using less water is good news for the planet. It’s good news for us too, because it’s our job to keep supplies flowing to over 6 million customers in this dry region.

Waterwise leaflet

Take a look at a copy of our leaflet which encourages everyone to reduce the amount of water they use by 20 litres and includes a DIY audit.


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